Perhaps the best Oregano in the world grows in Greece, and it is known worldwide as the Greek Oregano. From this oregano, that grows and thrive at the Greek mountains, we make the essential Oil of Oregano (steam distilled). Scientific studies have shown that Oregano Oil from the Mediterranean region is the most powerful. Greek Oregano along with its unique flavor & aroma, has plenty of proven beneficial properties. Zane Hellas’s research team has developed a collection of Natural Oral Care Solutions that harness the power of Oregano Oil.

OregaWash family of products are specially designed to help you maintain good oral health. Oregawash Mouthwash & Toothpaste are natural alternative solutions for people who prefer oral care products that are free of alcohol, fluoride, colors, artificial flavors & harsh ingredients. Our Pure Essential Oil of Oregano is the main ingredient in all OregaWash products. Among other issues, Oregawash products may help you reduce dental plaque, gingivitis, dry mouth, bad breath, and maintain optimal oral health.

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