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Bienvenido al Mundo de Zane Hellas

Echando la vista atrás en 2013, Zane Hellas comenzó su viaje como una empresa familiar buscando encontrar productos naturales que podrían ayudar a la gente a ser y permanecer sana. 4 años más tarde, nuestro sueño se ha hecho realidad y nuestro amor es incluso más fuerte por lo que la naturaleza tiene para ofrecer. Además, compartimos un apasionante compromiso sobre un propósito común y nos sentimos orgullosos de entregar productos de alta calidad.

“Planeamos sobre la generosidad de la naturaleza y sobre nuestro amor y respeto por los remedios naturales para traerle los productos de Acéite de Orégano de la más alta calidad del mundo.”

Ioannis Nenoglou
Fundador y Director Ejecutivo de Zane Hellas

nuevos productos

Amazing quality!

“Absolutely cannot live without this – the quality is amazing. I always keep it in my bag and take at the first sign of illness. Just about to order another bottle.”

Fast delivery!

I would like to thank you Zane Hellas company for my order which was promptly handled and delivered to Slovakia, unbelievably within 4 working days! The customer service is working perfectly (we exchanged several mails with Ms. Ellen Papageorgiou before and after the order) and the oregano oil is of superior quality. I will recommend to anyone and always come back to you with another order!

Highly recommended

“Taking 4 drops in a teaspoon of olive oil gives a real warming effect in the mouth and throat and then the goodness continues to work in the body’s system. Certainly, adds a feel good factor to one’s well-being.  The production and distribution company could not have been more – like dealing with a friend. Highly recommended.”