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I am still learning about the value of oregano. It is very powerful as an antibiotic. It seems we hear so much constantly about pain, disease, illness being related to inflammation in the body. Now in our family we have a parasite issue. I really didn't know anything about parasites being a common problem until recently. Researching this problem oregano is right at the top for treating parasite infections and listed as anti-inflammatory. I am certified as a medical nail tech. I see so many problem nails with fungus. Some fingernails and lots of toenails. Nail fungus is related to ringworm- a parasite. I am experimenting with oregano oil as a topical treatment BUT it is important to treat internally as well. I have used oregano oil over the years (sporadically) after my brother told me he believed it prevented him from getting colds and flu. I learned about the wild greek oregano about 6 months ago from my daughter. It is extremely strong compared to any other oregano oils I have used. SO strong that I did take it in a little juice but it was uncomfortable to put it lightly. SO when this company asked me if I was interested in purchasing this product in the gel form for shipping only to provide a review I jumped at the chance. NOW I will make this product part of my daily health regime. I have found this company to be friendly, generous, helpful with educational information. I have been thrilled to receive samples of the dried oregano and LOVE it for cooking. But the oil works too. However, it is so strong and highly concentrated it is difficult to use a small enough amount so using the dried for my family is better for us/. I am a distributed for a reputable essential oil company. However, I will purchase my oregano from Zane Hellas. I am proud to provide a review as a way of thanking this company for helping me support my own health and help others too.


Excellent product, five stars *****

Excellent natural product, safe to use and great for oral hygiene/health. Contains carvacrol which is a natural antiseptic. All organic ingredients. I use this every morning and leaves my mouth feeling really clean and fresh. Also Zane Hellas has a excellent reputation for customer service. Very quick delivery and good price. Thank you

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Exceptionally pure, high carvacrol oregano oil! I have used essential oils for a few years now and try to purchase the best quality that I can. I have used high quality, high priced oregano oil before but it has not been as effective as the Zane Hellas oregano oil! Its wonderful! I use it every day and have done so for several months now. When I bought this oil I was looking for a higher carvacrol content oregano oil because of a health condition (which may have been caused by bad, homemade kefir! Beware, homemade kefir users!). I dilute it with coconut oil and use it topically and ingest it as well. (If used full strength it will burn skin!) I also love the dropper. (Its much easier to use than the typical essential oils insert that drips oil out and spills it all over!) This oil has made such a positive impact on my physical health and I have included it in my daily regimen. It is excellent quality, very potent, effective and a great price! It has surpassed my expectations and I look forward to regularly purchasing it well into the future.

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Fast acting, quick results! I've had toe fungus on my 2nd toe & a little on my pinky toe and I used this product a month ago for the first time. In the first few days are started seeing changes and by the time 2 weeks passed, I've seen a noticeable difference. In the pic I shared, you can see it hasn't totally cleared up but its a big difference than how it looked before I started using Fungus Stop and from the price of this product and the fast results, I would say it's very well worth the buy!

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I've been suffering from eczema since I was 4 and up until about 2 years ago was on all sorts of prescription topical steroids and antibiotics. However, over time I learned about the negative side affects and the long term damage that can be caused by these forms of western medicine, so with that in mind I went cold turkey. My first year of topical steroid withdrawal was incredibly harsh, my eczema spread all over my body, including my face and eventually developed into severe dermatitis. With this horrific physical transformation I became a hermit and was on a constant search for natural internal and external remedies to heal the full circle effects and the root of the cause. A lot of changes took place, I went on a raw food diet, did a parasite cleanse, started using organic apple cider vinegar and coconut oil, took probiotics, installed a vitamin c shower filter - all of these helped in small amounts over the course of several months, but what has made the most significant difference in the shortest space of time is Zane's Oregano oil. I'm astounded and incredibly grateful that 20 years of suffering has taken 3 days to almost fully heal. Oregano is known for its powerful antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-venom and anti-allergenic properties. So as you can imagine this oil is POTENT stuff, it comes with a report breakdown of its compounds and reveals that it consists of 86% carvacrol - a substance derived from oregano that inhibits the growth of several bacteria strains such as Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella, etc. Oregano is also anti-pleomorphism, killing bacteria, fungi and viruses that have the ability to shape-shift/take on different forms within the body. Regardless of this Oil of Oregano is deadly to all pathogens no matter what form they take. I take this internally in a teaspoon of high grade cold pressed olive oil and I use it externally mixed in with a probiotic/plant stem cell cream. There is a slight heated sensation but its of the reassuring-bacteria-killing kind. I normally apply this on my skin in the morning after my shower, sometimes with a few drops of organic lavender for scented boost. But the problem is that I tend to do most of my scratching whilst i'm asleep, which prior to using this oil was beyond my control. My solution is to also apply the mixture before I sleep at night to relieve myself of all itchiness. This regime works incredibly as I consistently wake up with skin that shows more progress than the night before If you suffer from eczema or dermatitis I ABSOLUTELY SWEAR BY THIS PRODUCT. Please feel free to do your own research as scientific and medical studies will tell you the same thing - oregano is the most powerful natural antibiotic on the market. Be sure to order it along with a good quality cream or oil to dilute it in. I've also started using it to give a boost to my organic toothpaste - it'll blow your socks off further than colgate ever could. Your breath will be fresh and your gums will be healthy through clean natural means. And I also intend on doing a parasite cleanse with it, after all it is a versatile healing oil. I initially started off with just the one bottle, but I'm back to order at least 3 more. Be sure to add this to your daily routine and medicine cabinet as I'm pretty convinced it is the secret to vitality. Truly one of natures greatest gifts. Thank you Zane Hellas for producing such a high quality product and for indirectly healing me of my long-tern eczema :)


This was recommended to me by my doctor as a high-quality natural treatment for Lyme Disease. She suggested 2 capsules twice a day. It appears to provoke a Herxheimer reaction and seems to be effective.