December 22, 2016
Oral cancer medical concept as a mouth with malignant disease cells with 3D illustration elements.

Carvacrol Reduces Irinotecan-Induced Intestinal Mucositis Through Inhibition of Inflammation and Oxidative Damage via TRPA1 Receptor Activation.

Alvarenga EM1, Souza LK1, Araújo TS1, Nogueira KM1, Sousa FB1, Araújo AR2, Martins CS3, Pacífico DM3, de C Brito GA3, Souza EP3, Sousa DP4, Medeiros JV5. Author information 1Laboratory of Pharmacology of Inflammation and Gastrointestinal Disorders (Lafidg), […]
October 21, 2016

Oregano demonstrates distinct tumour-suppressive effects in the breast carcinoma model.

Oregano demonstrates distinct tumour-suppressive effects in the breast carcinoma model. Kubatka P1, Kello M2, Kajo K3, Kruzliak P4, Výbohová D5, Mojžiš J2, Adamkov M6, Fialová S7, Veizerová L8, Zulli A9, Péč M10, Statelová D11, Grančai D7,Büsselberg D12. Author information […]
June 23, 2016

The effects of essential oils and aqueous tea infusions of oregano (Origanum vulgare L. spp. hirtum), thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.) and wild thyme (Thymus serpyllum L.) on the copper-induced oxidation of human low-density lipoproteins.

Kulisić T1, Krisko A, Dragović-Uzelac V, Milos M, Pifat G. Author information 1Department of Biochemistry and Food Chemistry, Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Split, Croatia. […]
June 22, 2016

Anti-proliferative effects of carvacrol on a human metastatic breast cancer cell line, MDA-MB 231.

Arunasree KM1. Author information 1Institute of Life Sciences, University of Hyderabad Campus, Biology, Hyderabad 500 046, AP, India. Abstract PURPOSE: Although the anti-tumor effects of […]