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Best Oregano Oil

Best Oregano Oil products.

From the Best Oregano in the World we probably produce Best Oregano Oil products in the World. Perhaps the best Oregano in the world grows in Greece, and it is known worldwide as the Greek Oregano. Greece’s climatic conditions – the year-round sunshine, sea breeze, a subsoil rich in trace elements – all contribute to the uniqueness and superiority of wild Greek oregano, making a product that may be the best in the world. From this oregano, wild from the Greek mountains and organic (non-GMO ) we make the essential Oil of Oregano (steam distilled) that we offer in capsules and liquid type. Find the product that meets your needs.

100% Natural Best Oregano Oil

Zane Hellas offers a variety of Oregano Essential Oils that are specially designed to meet your needs. Find yours!

  •  1Super 100, 100% Oregano Oil Un-diluted
  •  2Super 40, Oregano Oil diluted blend
  •  3Super 25, Oregano Oil diluted blend
  •  4Super 15, Oregano Oil diluted blend





Oregano Oil Capsules, Best Oregano Oil

Capsules type

Zane Hellas has designed 4 types of Capsules (Softgels) based on Oregano Oil. Each of them contains only natural ingredients, combined to support your special needs and treat particular health conditions.

  • Oregano Oil Softgels
  • Immune Premium Softgels
  • Candida Stop Softgels
  • Fungus Stop Softgels





foot care

Foot Care products

Zane Hellas produces natural foot care solutions based on Oregano Oil’s Power. Oregano Oil has a lot of healing properties that can help relieve Nail Fungus. Effective against 99.9% of Fungus.

  • Fungus Stop Nail Solution
  • Fungus Stop Athlete’s Foot





Oral Care, Best Oregano Oil

Oral care products

Oregano Oil is well-known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Oregawash SL is a 100% Natural Oregano Oil based Mouthwash.

  • Oregawash SL